2019 Holiday Wreath and Grave Blanket Sale

As you know, Troop 1’s annual wreath and grave blanket sale is our biggest fundraiser of the year. Same as last year, we’d like our scouts to sell a minimum of 10 wreaths and/or grave blankets. We’ve decided to increase the selling price of wreaths from $25 to $30 in order to offset costs and increased wreath prices, while keeping grave blankets at the same $35 pricing.Please help our scouts reach the goal of 10 wreaths and/or grave blankets. Proceeds from the sale help support various camping trips and offset equipment costs. 

New “Wreath” Pricing for 2019

20-inch Balsam Fir Wreaths ($30)

20-inch Mixed Pine Grave Blankets ($35) 

** All orders must be fully paid at time of order either by cash, check, or credit card via Square site.

Updated Selling Dates

Starting October 17, scouts should begin their individual sales and end by November 14. All order forms need to be handed in at our weekly scout meeting on Thursday, November 14.  

Individual Sales Timeline 

10/17: Sale begins 

11/14: Individual scout selling ends 

11/14: Order forms due at Thursday’s scout meeting 

11/24-11/27: Scouts to deliver their orders to friends and family 

As a reminder, no territories or routes will be assigned. Closer to Thanksgiving, group selling opportunities will be available at various churches plus one or two local retailers. Gift cards will be awarded to top selling scouts. For selling assistance and guidelines, see below.  

Credit Cards Accepted 
We’ll continue to accept credit cards for payment through our Secure Square site. For checks, please make payable to BSA Troop 1. You must INCLUDE the name of the selling scout on the Memo line. Regardless of payment type, you and your scout are responsible for ensuring that your orders and payments reconcile.  

Parents will be able to re-share our Facebook post promoting the wreath sale. Our fundraiser post is scheduled to go live later this month. Please don’t sell to friends in family too far away. Our scouts must personally deliver ALL wreaths and grave blankets to ALL their own customers. Commercial shipping is NOT available. It is your responsibility to personally delivery ALL of your wreaths before Thanksgiving.   

For In-Person Sales, Tips and Safety Suggestions 

  • Sell local within Boonton and nearby towns; customers must generally live within 20 miles of Boonton for home delivery

  • Always sell with another scout

  • Never enter anyone’s home

  • Always wear your Class A Uniform 

  • Use generic “Hello Neighbor” greeting, and identify yourself by name and troop number; “Hello, I am Scout [____]from Boonton’s Troop 1”

  • Tell them what you are selling, “I am selling holiday wreaths and grave blankets” 

  • Tell them why they should buy from you, “The wreaths look great on any front door. The funds we raise from the sale will go toward our troop’s camping equipment, educational opportunities and help support community activities” 

  • Tell them delivery will be before Thanksgiving 

  • Share Fundraiser Flyer/Wreath Sale Order Form [link]

  • If they are not interested, THANK THEM for their time. If they are interested, THANK THEM for supporting “Boonton Troop 1” 

    Collect all payments at time of order!

  • For orders, complete Fundraiser Flyer/Wreath Sale Order Form [link], including all customer information of name, address, phone number, AND your name

  • For check payment, all checks must made payable to “BSA Troop 1”; note that the individual scout’s name MUST appear on the Memo line of ALL checks

  • For credit card payment, electronic transactions can be submitted via Square site <insert link to Square page>

  • REMEMBER to keep a personal log of ALL your sales and SAVE THAT LIST. This will make home delivery much easier 

  • Let friends and family know that donations are also accepted; not everyone will buy a wreath or grave blanket and may ask to contribute a monetary amount 

For payment, we accept online payments via Secure Square Site
Click  https://squareup.com/store/boonton-troop1-payments/


If any Boonton Troop 1 parent or scout has fundraising questions, contact Arnaud via ajammaers@gmail.com.  

Thank you for your support.